Caring for your jewellery:

As with anything precious, your Zorluna Jewellery needs to be looked after. Although each piece is designed and created to the highest quality, like with any other jewellery, everyday activities can cause wear and tear. Did you know that even exposure to air (oxidisation) and skin oils can cause tarnish? To keep your treasured jewels in excellent condition follow these tips:

Jewellery should be stored in a cool, dry place as heat and damp cause tarnish. Avoid placing it near windowsills and heating vents.

Each piece should be stored separately to avoid tarnish and scratching. Whilst resealable plastic bags are a great way to individually store each piece, it is recommended that jewellery with porous stones (such as pearls and opals) are wrapped in fabric as they need to breathe. The Zorluna treasure pouch that comes with your jewellery would be ideal.

Some stones can fade in the sun so it’s important to keep jewellery stored out of sunlight when not being worn. Avoid wearing jewellery in intense sunlight.

Many of our everyday skin and hair products contain chemicals that can both tarnish and damage the jewellery. Always apply cosmetics before putting jewellery on. After wearing gently wipe each piece with a 100% cotton cloth to remove any oils or make-up.

Always remove jewellery before undertaking any strenuous or physical tasks including exercising, cleaning or gardening. Never wear jewellery whilst swimming, bathing or in a hot tub.

Jewellery with Gemstones:

Gemstones can be extremely delicate and it is important to know the right method for each stone before you attempt to clean your jewellery. There are many jewellery cleaning products available however, most of these would not be suitable for items containing soft gemstones. To keep the stones clean wipe them with a soft moist cotton cloth or soft leather cloth such as a chamois.

For more information on each gemstone we use (including their metaphysical properties) take a look at The Crystal Cavern.


As like most metals, brass will tarnish. For many the dark patina that forms over time is a desirable effect however, some people prefer its original brightness. Either way it is important to keep your jewellery clean, how often will depend on the look you prefer.

There are many ways to clean brass but since I tend to incorporate lots of delicate gemstones in my pieces I would suggest that you regularly clean your jewellery with a sunshine cloth.

Do not get brass wet, as it will tarnish very quickly.