I have a question to ask…

How often do you spend your spare time doing things that you really want to do?  So often we can be unsatisfied with life.  We may be busy, we may be surrounded by lots of people but we are still unhappy and unfulfilled.

As I discussed in my previous posts, about the importance of fun and recreation and making time to relax, our leisure time is a really important factor in living a happy and healthy life.  But if you spend it doing things that don’t particularly resonate with you then you are kind of missing the point.

I bet if I were to ask you how you’d love to spend your free time you’d have a list of activities that you either rarely do or have yet to try.  Maybe you feel you don’t have the time, the people, the money or resources.   These can all be valid reasons but often we use them as excuses to not put ourselves out there and make the changes we need.  Sometimes we have to come out of our comfort zone and get creative.

So here’s a challenge for you.  Make a list of fun activities that you have been putting off. These can be big or small, in fact the more varied the better.  Over the next 30 days I want you to schedule in at least one of these activities every week.  Plan for it, put it in your diary and most importantly do it.

If you’re really stuck for ideas use the 5 points below for inspiration:

  1. Start a hobby or take a class.  We all have interests outside of work and our social circle we just don’t always do anything about them.  Learning something new is a great for personal growth plus think of all the new people you could possibly meet.
  2. Start an exercise regime.  Yes, this can most definitely be fun not to mention great for your health, you just have to choose what works for you.  See my post on why you should make healthy choices fun.
  3. Visit that exhibition/gallery/show that you’ve been meaning to see before it closes.  How many times have you wanted to go and see an amazing art exhibition or play but before you know it the last day of its run is upon you and it is completely sold out?  I’m still so sad about missing the David Bowie exhibition.
  4. Make that reservation.  You know that place you’ve wanted to try out for ages but still haven’t got round to going.  Pick a date, pick your companions and pick up the phone and call to book.
  5. Pamper yourself.  Do something totally indulgent like treating yourself to a massage or a relaxing beauty treatment. If a spa day or salon trip is too extravagant for you right now then create your own one at home.  Buy some lovely scented candles and oils to help set the scene and indulge your senses.  You don't need to buy expensive products either.  There are so many natural remedies that can give you the same results if not better.  You'll find plenty of ideas online such as the Epsom salt bath or raw honey face mask.

So there you have it.  Lots of ideas now it's time to let the fun begin...x