It’s time to get creative Goddesses, as we’re about to launch The Goddess Clique 31 day Instagram challenge. Using our daily guide below just take one photo each day for 31 consecutive days and upload it to your Instagram account.

Be as creative as you want there are no rules, just make sure to add the #GoddessClique31 tag to each photo.

It’s all a bit of fun and great way to explore and expand your inner Goddess-ness.

Although we’re kicking off on 1st July you can get involved at anytime.


Day 1: Favourite colour

We’re all about colour here at Zorluna HQ so what better way to kick this challenge off. Whether it is your life long favourite shade or current colour crush let’s see it. You can have more than one. We do!

Day 2: Favourite gemstone

Every Goddess needs some sparkle in their life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crystal or precious stone, is tumbled, raw or set in your favourite jewellery or even an ornamental piece. Let us know why it’s your favourite too.

Day 3: Jewellery box

Whether your style is bold and bright or simple and delicate, jewellery adornment is a Goddess essential. Let’s see those boxes and more importantly what’s inside. I know your jewellery boxes will be immaculate but just in case you need some extra advice about storing your jewellery take a look at our Caring for your jewels guide.

Day 4: Decadence

As Goddesses we know we deserve the very best in life. We know it’s ok to seek luxury and pleasure.   We know it’s ok, to sometimes put ourselves first and be a little self-indulgent. What decadent delights do you have in store for us today?

Day 5: Flowers

With their many symbolic meanings and their infinite beauty, it’s no surprise that flowers resonate so well with the Goddess. Whether in a beautiful vase, garden or adorning your hair what blooms are you loving today?

Day 6: Love

Love is the highest vibration of all and is something that all living beings need. It is a sense of attachment and affection to someone or something that although can sometimes be hard to describe is universally felt. Show us something you love or something that represents what love means to you.

Day 7: Star sign

Ok, so most people are familiar with what Sun sign they are born into (commonly referred to as their Star sign). Cusp born beauties, this could be a great time to confirm once and for all what your (Sun) sign actually is. Check out this website for your free birth chart.  Despite popular misconception you can only be one. Extra points if you know your Moon or rising signs.

Day 8: Head adornment

Nothing says Goddess like a beautiful adornment crowning ones head. Bejewelled headpieces, flowers, chains, scarves, hats whatever your crown of choice, let’s see it.

Day 9: An affirmation

If it’s not already, lets make positive affirmations part of our daily Goddess ritual. What’s your favourite or current affirmation? Extra Goddess points if you can create your own. If you need some inspiration take a look at our post The Power of Positive Affirmations to get you started.

Day 10: Creativity

Our creativity is one of the best qualities we can have because it allows us to create the lives that we want. Through creativity come imagination, invention, problem solving, expansion and growth. We are all creative beings but through conditioning we can lose our creative mojo, as Picasso put it “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying and artist when you grow up.” It’s time to let your imagination run wild and show us what you’ve got.

Day 11: Relax

Living an amazing and abundant life is awesome of course but sometimes a Goddess needs to rest and recuperate, so creating some downtime is vital. What does relaxation mean for you? How do you like to unwind?

Day 12: Gratitude

Gratitude is such a powerful emotion.   When we start to appreciate the little things we do have life somehow gets better and we start to attract even greater things. Even when we are going through hardship there is always something to be grateful for. What are you thankful for today?

Day 13: The Moon

The Moon has such a strong affinity to the Goddess. Mainly because of its strong feminine energies and what they represent. The Moon deals with our feelings, emotions, reactions, instincts and intuition. Even its 28-day cycle is inherent in us. It’s no wonder so many of us are fascinated by it. By the way, have you checked out your Moon sign yet? I think you’d be enlightened!

Day 14: Happiness

It’s simple. What brings you happiness and joy? Do it and share it.

Day 15: Amulet

The act of carrying or wearing an object for protection and good luck is fundamental adornment for many Goddesses. What lucky ‘charm’ can’t you live without?

Day 16: Nourishment

To nourish oneself is to provide the vital substances necessary for life and growth. Whether it is for Mind, Body or Spirit, how are you feeding yourself today?

Day 17: Glamour

Goddesses, you know how alluring and charming you are, right? You know how beautiful, fascinating and enchanting you are? Show us how that’s done, again?

Day 18: Love your body

You are beautiful and perfect just as you are. Your flaws and imperfections make you perfectly you and are part of your life’s story. What story is your body telling?

Day 19: Sacred space

Whether you have a dedicated altar (which we highly recommend) or a favourite chair you love to curl up in, every Goddess needs a go to place of safety and comfort where they can just be.

Day 20: Inspiration

What’s inspiring you today and why? Maybe you can help inspire others too.

Day 21: Hand adornment

What are you wearing on your hands (one of our most expressive features)? Your favourite rings? A new manicure? A tattoo?

Day 22: Goddess

It’s no coincidence that we placed today’s theme here, as the number 22 is very important indeed in numerology. But we digress slightly...OKk so what does this mean to you? What is being a Goddess in your terms?

Day 23: Indulgence

What little (or big) treats have you indulged in today? Yes, we all know you’ve treated yourself because we all know you are worth it!

Day 24: Nature

Our connection to Mama Earth is often lost in today’s busy, modern world. Being out in nature is not only healing but it reminds us of our connection to all things. It’s good for the soul. How are you appreciating nature today?

Day 25: Mirror, Mirror

Mirror work, the practice of standing in front of the mirror, looking into your own eyes and saying something positive to yourself is a power exercise for self-love. What do you see in your reflection? What wonderful words are you telling yourself? Who is the fairest of them all?

Day 26: Mystical

The mysterious, the unknown, the magical, the fascinating, the unexplained, the esoteric, the hidden. A life without mysteries would be very dull indeed. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Day 27: Dreams

We all have dreams, you know those deep down wants and needs we can never let go of. Dreams are more than just goals, they are the things that make us expand and grow in the biggest and best ways possible. What are you hearts desires, what are you longing for in your life? What would it really mean to you to achieve them?

Day 28: Release

Over the years we can hold onto so much negative ‘stuff’ both physically and emotionally. But by releasing the old we make way for the new. What are you willing to let go of that is no longing serving you?

Day 29: Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What’s beautiful to you today?

Day 30: Foot adornment

Time to honour our feet, which not only carry us around but also connect us to Mama Earth. How are you rocking yours today? Bare foot adorned with your favourite polish and/or jewels, some comfy slippers or maybe a pair of 6-inch heels?

Day 31: Goddess pose

You don’t need to Vogue, but you do need to strike a pose. You’ve come to the end of the Goddess challenge and are hopefully feeling even more connected to your inner Goddess. Let’s celebrate your awesomeness with your best Goddess pose. Beautiful!


We can't wait to see all your amazing images!

Love and Light xxx