I’ve been using affirmations for a long time now but occasionally it doesn’t matter how many times I affirm something it just won’t seem to stick. It’s not just about saying the words you really have to feel them as if they are true and sometimes this is just more challenging than other times. Below are some of the techniques I use when I need the extra push of belief:

  1. Place your hands on your heart chakra, which is located just above the breastbone. This is the chakra that deals with love and compassion and by placing your hands on or above it helps activate, heal and connect to this part of ourselves.
  2. Reaching your hands up into the air as if you are receiving from the universe. I love this pose because it helps me feel connected to something bigger and it sends a clear signal that I am ready and worthy to receive what I am affirming.
  3. Standing in front of a mirror. Being able to look yourself in the eye and positively affirm something is very powerful indeed. You are not just mindlessly talking to yourself and hoping for the best you are boldly stating in no uncertain terms that what you are saying is the truth! After all who are you to argue with you?!