1. to add beauty to; be an ornament to
  2. decorate

I believe jewellery adornment is one of the most important aspects to a Goddesses style.  OK so I might sound a bit biased but here's why:

Jewellery is generally the only form of adornment that is used for decoration as well as sentimental and symbolic reasons.  Think about all of the special events where we give jewellery to another e.g. engagements, weddings, milestone birthdays.  Think also about how these small but precious tokens are often worn as daily adornment.

For centuries women have been adorning their bodies as sacred rituals for protection, good luck, connection and healing.  Although, jewellery worn as an amulet can come in many forms the most common are through the use of sacred symbols and gemstones, and it’s not hard to see why.    

Each stone has its own vibration and healing properties and because of its direct contact with your body the energies of the gemstones are working on your being in their most powerful way.  So not only does it look good, it feels good too enhancing you both inside and out!

Why not take a look at our Crystal Cavern to see what gemstones resonates with you?

Also, I'd love to hear what jewellery you use to adorn yourself and what special meaning it has for you.