At the beginning of the year I talked about the importance of clearing the clutter in the home.  I have since looked at the subject of dealing with paperwork, but today ’m looking at another problem area that often seems to be out of control and that’s our wardrobes.

In yesterday’s post, Finding your Style: why you should dress to impress…yourself, I touched on the fact that most of us seem to have wardrobes, drawers and closets filled with clothes that we hardly wear and in many cases have never worn at all!   There’s a number of reasons why this is the case:

  • It’s a bargain and it would be silly not to buy it! Hmmm, not really if you’re never going to wear it. Admit it how many items do you own that you’ve never worn?  Only buy things that you truly love.   
  • I’m hoping to slim into it. I think this is another thing a lot of us are guilty of. We either hold onto or buy clothes that are smaller than our current size in the hope of us one day becoming slimmer.  
  • My weight fluctuates so I need to have different clothing in different sizes. Does it fluctuate that much or do you just like to hide under your clothes sometimes?
  • I don’t want to waste my money so I’ll keep it.  Why keep something you don't like or don't wear?
  • I can’t afford to buy new clothes so I’d better hold on to what I have even if it no longer serves me. Remember when we are holding onto things we are stopping the flow of energy, which can stop new things coming to us!
When I think about most of these reasons they all seem to come back to a fear of scarcity and this is not an energy we want around us!  Here are a few tips for decluttering that closet:
  1. Inspect each piece and check its condition. If it’s damaged or looking a bit shabby do you really need to keep it? Be honest how does it make you feel wearing something that’s a bit worse for wear?
  2. When was the last time you wore it, if at all? If it’s something that has had little or no wear then ask yourself why? If it’s because you’re saving it for a special occasion (it’s too nice to wear syndrome) then maybe you need to change your way of thinking. Everyday has the potential to be a special occasion if you let it.
  3. Try it on. How does it fit and feel? If it feels uncomfortable or doesn’t fit then don’t keep it. Remember our beautiful bodies do change!
  4. How do you feel when you’re wearing it? If the answer is just ‘comfortable’ maybe think again. Even if it’s loungewear you should still feel good about what you are wearing. When we feel good on the outside we feel good on the inside and vice versa.    
  5. Dealing with clutter is generally an emotional process so as you go through really think about why you might be holding on to certain items.  I say it's time to let go of the old and make way for the new!

I'd love to know your thoughts.  Have you cleared out any of your wardrobe recently and how do you feel now?