Although it is most notably through our appearance, style encompasses more then just our attire and how we present ourselves to the world. It’s about our likes, tastes, interests, emotions, values and everything that makes us uniquely us. It’s a way of outwardly expressing our inner selves.  

Have you ever noticed how often you dress how you feel? Do you find yourself wearing your better clothes when you are feeling a more positive emotion and your least favourite when you are feeling less so.

What about the flip side to this whereby the outfit or the look changes how you feel? I know from my own experience of working from home that the way I choose to dress has a big impact on my attitude and even how I approach the day. When I’m dressed too casually, so is my attitude. It’s almost as if I’m not taking myself seriously.  

Where do you tend to fit between these two scenarios?

How often do you find yourself saying and genuinely feeling that you have nothing to wear, even when you have a wardrobe (or 3) filled with clothes? This is something I hear so many women say. Did you know most women only wear a small percentage of what’s in their wardrobe? So why are we buying all of these clothes that we never want to wear? Surely not for the fun of it.

Maybe it’s because we are constantly swamped with images and ‘gurus’ telling us how we should and shouldn’t dress. But is this really true to you? Everybody seems to have an opinion, it’s no wonder we end up with so much stuff! But that’s all it is, an opinion. For me true style is when we are reflecting our true authentic self. It should make you feel good!

Next time you go to buy something ask yourself ‘how do I feel when I put this on’? Really listen to your inner thoughts. Do you feel amazing, or just ok? If you’re thinking things like ‘oh, but it’s only cheap, I might as well’ then it’s a sign to put it back on the rack/delete from your cart. Even if it’s just for casual wear unless you feel good in it then don’t buy it. You can still be chilled and fabulous you know!

Tomorrow, I'll be talking about decluttering your wardrobe but in the meantime I'd love to hear your thoughts on this...

1 THOUGHTS ON “Finding your style: Why you should dress to impress...yourself!”

by Lou

Great blog. Makes me think should just go for it instead staying safe. Also why keep things for special occasions because they just end up hardly worn.