Whenever you acquire a new crystal you should always cleanse it before use. When I speak of cleansing in this sense I’m not talking about hygiene issues. I’m actually talking about energy, for these little beauties are not only excellent transmitters but they are also great absorbers of the stuff.   In fact in order for us to get the most out of them we must cleanse them regularly.

There are so many methods that can be utilised, although caution should be taken as some are not suitable for certain stones.

Because I believe in keeping it simple I have selected a few methods that can be easily used. You may wish to try a few different ones out and see which best resonates with you. Try to keep in mind though, that the most important part of the cleansing process is the intention that you set (i.e. to release any negative energies and to energise the crystal to its full potential).

The Water Element:

Whilst holding the crystal under cold running water begin to visualise any negative energies washing away.

When you feel that the stone is energised you can either place it in the sunlight or pat dry with a clean non-abrasive cloth.  

The Fire Element:

Placing a crystal in natural sunlight can be one of the most powerful ways to energise it. However, some crystals can fade and some can even start a fire which is why you should never leave stones like clear Quartz in the windowsill in the sunlight.

Another way of using the fire element is to place the stone through the flame of a candle. Caution should of course be taken as you don’t want to burn and damage the stone or your fingers!

The Earth Element:

Burying the crystals in the earth is a great way to cleanse and re-energise them. Make sure that you leave it there for at least 24 hours.

The Air Element:

Using either herbal smudge sticks or incense, pass the stone through its smoke holding your intention to release the negative and replace with the positive. This method of purifying by smoke is also known as smudging and it very beneficial in clearing the negative energies in our surroundings.