I do love this quote from Albert Einstein especially being someone who did not inherit the tidy gene! But the truth is, that in terms of energy, clutter creates blockages, which in turn can stop it flowing into our lives. In other words by holding on to things, we are stopping new things coming our way.

When it comes to getting on top of the mess it can often seem like such a daunting task that we end up putting it off. It’s no wonder we do this as most of the time it’s not about the enormity of the task but the emotional connection that we have to it. And it is for those reasons that we build up the clutter in the first place!

Whether it’s paperwork, clothes, broken gadgets or anything for that matter ask yourself, does this item still serve me? If the answer is no then, why am I still holding on to this? How does it make me feel? The answers to these questions will be very telling!

I think this is really important and it’s something I have definitely been working on recently. Over the course of the next month I’ll be sharing how the clutter can affect different areas of life such as love and money and tips to get on top of it.

In the meantime here are a few affirmations to help get you in the right mindset for creating your perfect Goddess dwellings:

  • I easily let go of everything and anything that no longer serves me.

  • As I release the old, my abundance increases tenfold.

  • My life is a constant stream of abundance, joy, happiness and love.

  • I have the power to manifest anything and everything that I want in life.