You often hear me talk of using the moon and its energies during different times of its monthly cycle around the Earth.   A lunar cycle has 8 main stages and takes approximately 29.5 days to complete. During this time it spends around 2.5 days in each of the 12 zodiac signs. Here’s a brief overview of each phase:


New Moon

Keywords: Initiation & New Beginnings

The lunar cycle begins at the New Moon. During this phase both the Sun and Moon are occupying the same degree and sign of the zodiac. From our viewpoint here on Earth the Moon’s brilliance is hidden and only darkness can be seen in the sky. For this reason it is often referred to as the Dark Moon. Although through its darkness we cannot yet see what is ahead this phase is about new beginnings. This is an excellent time for manifestation and sowing the seeds of our intentions.


Crescent Moon

Keywords: Emergence & Knowledge

The second phase of the lunar cycle known as the Crescent Moon, falls half way between the new and first quarter and is where we begin to see the first slither of light emerge. As it becomes more visible so does the potential of the seeds sown at the beginning of the cycle. At this early stage there is still much uncertainty. This is a time for learning and gathering information before action is taken.


First Quarter Moon

Keywords: Action & Growth

As we reach the third phase of the lunar cycle the moon now appears to us both equal in darkness and light. Now that we have established what must be done it is time for us to take initial action steps to move things forward.  From this point up until the Full Moon, the potential of growth is at its most powerful.


Gibbous Moon

Keywords: Analysis & Development

The fourth phase of the lunar cycle is the Gibbous Moon. This is the stage between the First Quarter and Full Moon. Its light has grown considerably since the First Quarter but has not quite reached fullness. Through careful analysis and evaluation, it is during this period that significant developments can take place.


Full Moon

Keywords: Fulfilment & Illumination

When we reach the fifth phase of the lunar cycle the moon is now full. From our view on Earth it is completely illuminated by the Sun and we can now see it in its full glory. This is a time of completion where we begin to see the fruits of our labour. It is also a time for us to see clearly what has manifested.


Disseminating Moon

Keywords: Demonstration & Integration

The Disseminating Moon is the sixth phase of the lunar cycle. It is from this point that our journey back to the darkness begins. Now that our intentions have reached their peak it is time to share and demonstrate what we have achieved and learned. By doing so we are able to gain clarity through awareness.


Last Quarter Moon

Keywords: Reflection & Realignment

The seventh phase of the lunar cycle is the Last Quarter Moon. Much like the First Quarter it appears equal in both lightness and dark. This time however, we know that it is growing in the latter. This is a time to reflect and re-adjust accordingly.  It's also time to follow up, complete and close any actions that were initiated at the beginning. It is not advisable to start something new during these last stages of the cycle.


Balsamic Moon

Keywords: Release & Recuperation

The eighth and final phase of the lunar cycle is the Balsamic Moon. As we approach the darkness once again we are left with just a small slither of the waning moon in the sky. We are almost at completion but before we reach the new cycle we must release and let go of anything that that has not served our intentions.  It is a time to for contemplation as we begin to think about the next cycle.



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